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Traditional Antik Bakery

Nutritional Information / Preparation Tips

Average values per 100g of product:

Energetic value: 1014 kJ / 239 Kcal

• Fat: 1,5 g

• of which saturates:0,4 g

• Carbohydrates:  45,7 g

• of which sugars: 2,9 g

• Proteins: 9,7 g

• Salt: <0,5 g

Conservation: Stay dry, cool and clean.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, rye flour (3{5bc9ff6a1eed085773d275b2bc1f1987961db0648dae1ea5e6a87a88217efe3e}), bran (2.5{5bc9ff6a1eed085773d275b2bc1f1987961db0648dae1ea5e6a87a88217efe3e}), water, salt, yeast, rye sourdough (1.5{5bc9ff6a1eed085773d275b2bc1f1987961db0648dae1ea5e6a87a88217efe3e}), vinegar, sunflower oil (0.5{5bc9ff6a1eed085773d275b2bc1f1987961db0648dae1ea5e6a87a88217efe3e}), sugar , olive oil (0.5{5bc9ff6a1eed085773d275b2bc1f1987961db0648dae1ea5e6a87a88217efe3e}), emulsifier E471, preservatives E282 and E202, enzymes. Allergens: Contains gluten as well as may contain traces of soy and nuts.

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